My Story

Raised in a single-parent household in economically depressed and crime invested North Tulsa, Oklahoma, after graduating 231 out of 262 (I got a “C” in Drivers Ed!) in my high school class while “majoring” in football and girls. I accepted a football scholarship to Northeastern Oklahoma State University. Not serious about education or life, I dropped out of school to “find myself” and moved to Dallas, TX. While living in a rodent infested apartment and making minimum wages working at a warehouse in Dallas,  I finally realized that I needed to focus and get an education so I could be successful and make a positive difference for my community.

After moving back to Tulsa and obtaining my Associates Degree in History from Tulsa Community College, I enrolled at the University of Oklahoma (“OU”). While at OU, I walked on to the football team. I earned two letters and twice received the OU Prentice Gautt Award for most outstanding African-American Athlete. After earning my Bachelor’s Degree in African & American Studies and completing post-graduate studies in Gambia and Senegal, West Africa, I returned to OU and earned my Master’s Degree in Adult & Higher Education.

While completing my law degree at OU, I studied abroad at Oxford, University in Oxford, England and J.A.K.E. Enterprises, in Johannesburg, South Africa. I also completed a six-month legal internship at the United States Department of State in Washington D.C. Additionally I created Bridge Builders: African-American Student Athlete Network, a program that has become a model for athletic departments looking to improve social and educational development for African-American Athletes. I graduated law school with honors, including the Joel Jankowski Award for most outstanding graduate.

After graduation, I returned to North Tulsa and founded SolomonSimmonsSharrock & Associates, PLLC (“Solomon”) which is now the largest African-American owned firm in Northeast Oklahoma. Since forming Solomon, I have been instrumental in several landmark cases, including serving as lead counsel in litigation regarding Black Native American Citizenship rights in Johnson v. Muskogee Creek Nation and joining with the likes of Harvard University Law Professor Charles Ogletree and the late Johnnie Cochran to obtain reparation for survivors of the so-called 1921 Tulsa Race Riot as a member of the Reparations Coordinating Committee in Alexander v. State of Oklahoma, et. al.

Additionally, I have also served as general counsel for several professional athletes, including four 1st Round draft choices. In this capacity, I have been responsible for overseeing the negotiation of millions of dollars in player and endorsement contracts, management of player’s business and legal structure, and the creation of innovative charitable and educational initiatives between community organizations, businesses, and athletes.

As an adjunct professor at OU, I regularly teach classes on African-American Males, Oklahoma African-American History, and African-American in Sports at OU.  I am  an active member of many organizations including The Greenwood Cultural Center, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and the Sports Lawyers Association

I am  happily married to my high school sweetheart, the lovely Tulsa Fox23’s KOKI news anchor and talk show host Mia Fleming.

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